Welcome to the pony breeding farm "Zum Morgenstern"

For many years there has been a deep affinity between horses and me. As a child I would not hover over them and spent many hours in their company.

A few years ago, what is meant to be together came together and the idea of founding my own pony breeding farm in this wonderful landscape was slowly taking shape.

After having built a comfortable open stall and fences on the neighbouring meadows, we could finally start.

Our philosophy is actually very simple: a small and species-appropriate pony breeding. There is just the very best for our ponies. Whether it is about the fodder, the daily care, the herding or the stables. We left nothing to chance and always attach great importance to the breeding conditions.

Our breeding farm "Zum Morgenstern" is registered in the breeders organisation of the Rhineland Horse Book. Among our mare stock are a experienced and also very promising young mares with an outstanding descent. All our breeding mares received the State Prize Award.

Because the well-being of our ponies is so important to us, we set great value upon a species-appropriate husbandry. All our ponies live in herds and the yearlings are placed in the open stall during the whole year and can thus profit from the fresh air and go outside whenever they want. A specially-built Paddock-Ground makes sure that the soil is always dry, even during the cold and wet winter months. This is also for the benefit of the mares in foal who get their daily outdoor run and are in the best of health.

The landscape and the climate in our region are unique. The region of the Eifel-Ardennes appears here at its best. The juicy meadows
and the neighbouring wood in this scenic valley are the best possible conditions for our breeding.

Henkes Lisa,
Head of the breeding farm

Delicius successful in Alpen on 17.04.2016
Fantastic succes at Euregio show in Aachen on 23.06.2016
Dalai's triumphal procession continues
Dalai wins stallion test in Elmshorn on 12.11.2015
Double at foalshow in Wickrath on 17.06.2016
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Morgensterns Placida

Morgensterns Placida

Birth: 06.05.2012
Height: 147 cm

Morgensterns Devina

Morgensterns Devina

Gender: Mare
Birth: 10.05.2013
Height: 144 cm